Big Bag for
the ecology


Material resulting from field recovery or upholstery recovery, waste from asbestos disposal, incinerators waste, waste from recycling and compost. A good part of such products are potentially dangerous if they come into contact with the environment. Their recycling or disposal treatment undergoes strict regulations.

Minini is able to offer personalized big bags according to the features of the product that they have to contain, thus guaranteeing high security standards.
Packaging used for this type of material need to be completely in compliance with the European regulations: Minini’s big bags are UN homologated for road, sea and rail transportation of dangerous goods.
Big bags are very versatile: they can be used to collect and store waste material or in combination with other containers.

Waste abrasives, crumbly asbestos, compact asbestos, asbestos pipes, field recovery (soil contamination by asbestos, hydrocarbon, PCB), waste catalytic converter, incinerator ashes, compost, asbestos lumbers, muds (dried, dehydrated, from filter press, from water treatment, from filtration and recycling), expired medications, inert materials (from construction sites, ruins), mineral wool, glass wool, painting sludge, neon powders (soot abatement, waste extinguisher powders, painting powders, sandblaster powders, foundry powders), electric and electronic waste, batteries, accumulators, cement products, asbestos products, fuel pellet, wood chips, wood chunks, organic fertilizer, fertilising compost, loam.



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