Big Bags for
the food


Food products that need to be packaged are different and from different origins; for such products it is essential to guarantee high security standards.

Minini offers big bags which are manufactured according to HACCP regulations, internationally known for preventing and minimizing security risks during the process of food and drink preparation.

Minini’s big bags do have a “FOOD GRADE” certification, which means that they are suitable to come in contact with food. These big bags are manufactured in specialized laboratories, inside special “hygienic rooms”, where the risk of contamination of the packing material is basically eliminated.

A large variety of companies can benefit from the use of this big bags category, such as producers of pasta, sugar, coffee, rice, seeds, starches and flours.

Starch, herbs, cacao beans and cocoa powder, green coffee, raw coffee, roasted coffee, caffeine, carrots, cereals (wheat, corn, spelt, soy, bran, barley, oat), corn flakes, couscous, ground herbs, flour (of cereals, of meat, of fish, of rice), dried fruit (almonds, nuts, hazelnuts), dried milk (for children and for zootechnical use), buttermilk, legumes (chickpeas, lentils, beans), yeast, freeze-dried products, malt, animal feed (zootechnical, for fish industry), pasta, potatoes, breadcrumbs, dried tomatoes powder, rice, salt (rock salt, sea salt, for food and street usage), seeds, seed corn, stearate, vitamins, sugar.


Big bags 1/2 lifting points

Big Bag Tubolar 1/2 lifiting points

Big bags 4 lifting points

Big Bag Tubolar 4 lifting points

Big bags Ubody

Big Bag Ubody

Big bags baffle

Big Bag Baffle

Big bags Gambo

Big Bag Gambo

Big bags antistatic

Big Bag Antistatic

Big bags Eco bag

Eco Bag

Liner for big bags

Big Bag Liner

Block Bottom Bags

Block Bottom Bag



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