Big Bag
Type C


FIBCs Type C are made of conductive fabric containing interconnected conductive fibres or filament. Grounding resistance from any point of the big bag must be less than 108 OHM. In the FIBCs Type C there won’t be any spreading electric charge. To prevent destroying charges, FIBC Type C must be correctly grounded during filling and emptying phases.

  • Big bags for the food industry

  • Big bags for the chemical industry

  • Big bags for the plastic industry

Big bag

To do

Not to do


  • 1Pay attention to the instructions for use written on the label.

  • 2Before filling the big bag in, check that the discharge spout is properly closed.

  • 3Once it has been filled in, make sure that the big bag is stable.

  • 4Consider the possibility of electrostatic charges during filling phase.

  • 5Use all 4 loops to lift the big bag properly.

  • 6Dispose of the used big bags according to the current regulations.

  • 7Check that the forks of the lift truck are round or well protected.

  • 8Tilt back the forks of the lift truck towards the driver

  • 9Adapt the distance between the forks of the lift truck according to the lifting loops of the big bag.

  • 10Protect the big bags from direct sun exposure and from bad weather.

  • 11Properly fasten the pallets on truck during transportation.


  • 1Do not exceed the SWL (safety working load) under any circumstances.

  • 2Non riempire il container impropriamente

  • 3Do not suddenly speed up or slow down during transportation.

  • 4do not lift or lower the big bag suddenly during transportation.

  • 5Do not stop under hanging big bags.

  • 6Do not position the big bags half outside the truck or off the pallet for it may fall and cause damages.

  • 7Do not move the lift truck before having entirely lifted the full big bag.

  • 8Non inclinare in avanti le forche del carrello elevatore

  • 9Do not stack the big bags, unless you have checked their stability.

Use of different types of FIBC

Bulk product in FIBC Surroundings
MIE of dust3 Non-flamable atmosphere Dust zones 21-22b
(1 000 mJ ≥ MIE > 3 mJ)a
MIE of dust3
MIE > 1000mJ A, B, C, D B, C, D C, Dc
1000mJ ≥ MIE > 3mJ B, C, D B, C, D C, Dc
MIE ≤ 3mJd C, D C, D C, Dc

NOTE 1: Additional precautions are usually necessary when a flammable gas or vapour atmosphere is present inside the FIBC, e.g. in the case of solvent wet powders.

NOTE 2 Non-flammable atmosphere includes dusts having a MIE > 1 000 mJ.



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