Big Bags for
the food

High security level. Pack with us.

Food products that need to be packaged are different and from different origins; for such products it is essential to guarantee high security standards.

Minini Imballaggi offers big bags which are manufactured according to HACCP regulations, internationally known for preventing and minimizing security risks during the process of food and drink preparation.


Big Bags for
the mining

Strength, resistance and hold. Pack with us.

For the transportation of mining materials, Minini’s big bags offer the ideal solution, guaranteeing both convenience and safety. Being resistant, strong and with a good grip, Minini’s big bags can contain material with a high specific weight.


Big Bags for
the chemical

Strength, resistance and hold. Pack with us.

Chemical materials are characterized by: variable features, stability and reactivity. Quite often they are also dangerous if they come into contact with the surrounding environment.
Packaging that have to contain these chemical materials need to be characterized by a high level of personalization of the technical specifications and a high technical efficiency. Moreover, they need to be in compliance with the current regulations for the transportation of dangerous goods.


Big Bags for
the plastic

Strength, resistance and hold. Pack with us.

Plastic materials are usually light products, with a low specific weight, but they take up big volumes. Plastic products can be either grainy or micronized or ground.
Minini Imballaggi offers big bags especially designed not to lose their shape after being filled in, thus guaranteed to optimise both transportation and storage space.


Big Bags for
the ecology

Strength, resistance and hold. Pack with us.

Material resulting from field recovery or upholstery recovery, waste from asbestos disposal, incinerators waste, waste from recycling and compost. A good part of such products are potentially dangerous if they come into contact with the environment. Their recycling or disposal treatment undergoes strict regulations.


Big Bag
Type D


In the FIBC Type D conductive layers of the fabric are not connected but they behave like isolated conductors that eliminate charges by dispersing them through low intensity spreading charges. FIBC Type D must be exclusively used in flammable environments after they’ve been qualified as safe, i.e. after it has been demonstrated that there won’t be any triggering charges.

  • Big bags for the food industry

  • Big bags for the chemical industry

  • Big bags for the plastic industry

Big bag


  • 1Pay attention to the instructions for use written on the label.

  • 2Before filling the big bag in, check that the discharge spout is properly closed.

  • 3Once it has been filled in, make sure that the big bag is stable.

  • 4Consider the possibility of electrostatic charges during filling phase.

  • 5Use all 4 loops to lift the big bag properly.

  • 6Dispose of the used big bags according to the current regulations.

  • 7Check that the forks of the lift truck are round or well protected.

  • 8Tilt back the forks of the lift truck towards the driver

  • 9Adapt the distance between the forks of the lift truck according to the lifting loops of the big bag.

  • 10Protect the big bags from direct sun exposure and from bad weather.

  • 11Properly fasten the pallets on truck during transportation.


  • 1Do not exceed the SWL (safety working load) under any circumstances.

  • 2Non riempire il container impropriamente

  • 3Do not suddenly speed up or slow down during transportation.

  • 4do not lift or lower the big bag suddenly during transportation.

  • 5Do not stop under hanging big bags.

  • 6Do not position the big bags half outside the truck or off the pallet for it may fall and cause damages.

  • 7Do not move the lift truck before having entirely lifted the full big bag.

  • 8Non inclinare in avanti le forche del carrello elevatore

  • 9Do not stack the big bags, unless you have checked their stability.

Use of different types of FIBC

Bulk product in FIBC Surroundings
MIE of dust3 Non-flamable atmosphere Dust zones 21-22b
(1 000 mJ ≥ MIE > 3 mJ)a
MIE of dust3
MIE > 1000mJ A, B, C, D B, C, D C, Dc
1000mJ ≥ MIE > 3mJ B, C, D B, C, D C, Dc
MIE ≤ 3mJd C, D C, D C, Dc

NOTE 1: Additional precautions are usually necessary when a flammable gas or vapour atmosphere is present inside the FIBC, e.g. in the case of solvent wet powders.

NOTE 2 Non-flammable atmosphere includes dusts having a MIE > 1 000 mJ.


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