Plate Bag


Plate Bags are innovative containers by Minini Imballaggi for the safe handling of asbestos plates and pipes with asbestos upholstery. The disposal of big quantities of iron pipes covered in asbestos and of asbestos plates, which have been used in a lot of buildings, is still a complex problem. .

  • Big bags for the ecological industry


  • 110 x 140 x 80

  • 110 x 250 x 50

  • 110 x 310 x 50


  • 1000 kg


  • 13H2 / 13H3


  • II/III

Big bag

To do

Not to do


  • 1Pay attention to the instructions for use written on the label.

  • 2Before filling the big bag in, check that the discharge spout is properly closed.

  • 3Once it has been filled in, make sure that the big bag is stable.

  • 4Consider the possibility of electrostatic charges during filling phase.

  • 5Use all 4 loops to lift the big bag properly.

  • 6Dispose of the used big bags according to the current regulations.

  • 7Check that the forks of the lift truck are round or well protected.

  • 8Tilt back the forks of the lift truck towards the driver

  • 9Adapt the distance between the forks of the lift truck according to the lifting loops of the big bag.

  • 10Protect the big bags from direct sun exposure and from bad weather.

  • 11Properly fasten the pallets on truck during transportation.


  • 1Do not exceed the SWL (safety working load) under any circumstances.

  • 2Non riempire il container impropriamente

  • 3Do not suddenly speed up or slow down during transportation.

  • 4do not lift or lower the big bag suddenly during transportation.

  • 5Do not stop under hanging big bags.

  • 6Do not position the big bags half outside the truck or off the pallet for it may fall and cause damages.

  • 7Do not move the lift truck before having entirely lifted the full big bag.

  • 8Non inclinare in avanti le forche del carrello elevatore

  • 9Do not stack the big bags, unless you have checked their stability.



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