Minini azienda produttrice di Big Bag



Minini Spa has been a leader in the world of packaging since 1928 and has grown and developed keeping pace with the most effective and efficient technologies in the industry.

1994 was the year of great intuition: Bruno Minini took on board the need for greater commitment to protecting the environment.

Minini began to import and distribute Big Bags on the Italian market and became one of the landmarks of this innovative method of packaging. Given its great potential, the Big Bag became known and appreciated by companies in different industrial sectors: animal feed manufacturers, food businesses, and then in the increasingly diverse industries, such as chemicals, plastics, mining and ecology.

To date, the Minini Spa Big Bags are used in various sectors: food, agriculture, chemicals, plastics, mining, metallurgy and ecology.

The value of the insight that gave rise to the Big Bag didn’t come from the product or particular research, but from the experience and methodology that have for years been the hallmark at Minini: every material requires its own solution. This method has led this Brescia-based company to become a business focused on customer needs and the required results. Minini is founded on respect for the work of its employees, suppliers and especially of its customers, to whom Minini not only only sells products but also provides a complete service, from the design of the most suitable Big Bags right up to final inspection.



This is the cornerstone of Minini’s whole business. The culture of quality is a feature of all our projects, relations with suppliers and with our customers who have contributed to the numerous successes of the company.


Every activity aims towards customer satisfaction, the pole star of Minini’s business. The goal is always to offer a product or a service that will truly constitute a solution to their problems.

Leadership and Partnership

These are two sides of the same coin. As leader in the sector in which we operate, at Minini, intuition is our distinctive value. Another value is our solid and lasting partnerships with suppliers of raw materials and services.

Environmental sustainability

We are lead players also in changes towards the environment, using dedicated products and technologies for the recycling and improved transportation of dangerous goods.



years of experience

23.000.000 €

turnover in € in 2022


Big Bags sold in 2022

280.000 Kg of CO2

saved thanks to our methane trucks


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