2020 -

Minini Rebranding

In 2019 a gust of change characterised Minini Spa, the avant-garde Brescian company in the packaging and Fibc (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) sector, better known as Big Bag. Minini wants to be known not only by its «packformance» by also by its branding.

The logo

More impact: this is the first objective targeted by this pluri-awarded Brescian firm in creating their company logo. Starting point was the “M”, the brand’s initial. Starting from this letter, the union of elements such as flexibility, intricacy, the sense of three-dimensionality, all characteristics belonging to big bag and its fabric. Fundamental in tracing the structure of the logo were the folds and filaments found on Fibc.

The lettering

The lettering was studied to recall the logo and to render it more dynamic thanks to the embellishments on the left of all the characters. The intrinsic dynamism peculiar to the big bag is the possibility of using special means of transportation.

The payoff

Minini is packaging revolutionised. And precisely for this reason the concept of continuous innovation needs to be diffused, the capacity of reinvention and technological adaptation to change with a view to payoff. Thus the choice to “Shape the future”.